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Monday, February 8, 2010


Assalamualaikum all, thanx for viewing us.

First of all, i would like to inform you, that 'Gorgeous to You' is new in here. It was open on 1st February 2010 and officially operated on 12th of February 2010. Introducing you, Gorgeous to You is a family business blog which we practise this blog as a '
Happy Family Destination' blog. Curious, what we are doing in this blog? Refer to the name itself, i am sure that you guys could guess what kind of business that we are doing ;) Basically, Gorgeous to You provides you with everything that could make your life 'Gorgeous' especially for your baby's attire and family health care, which is suitable for your kids, parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents. The whole generation to be exact. ;) So i hope all of you guys enjoy spending your time shopping in here. More information about our business, please scroll down. Thank you ;)

Branded Kids wear
We are very sure that all of parents in this world always give the best to their children. So do us. Here, we provide you the very cute and smart branded kids wear for your children. They are suitable to wear anytime and anywhere. Besides, all of you guys don't have to worry about the quality since all of them are original, genuine and selected that makes them very comfortable for your children. As how I care about the quality of my child's cloth, so do i care about you children's. So parents, enjoy shopping and dealing with us. ;) If you are interested, simply message us at 0173300581-Nisa

Other than kids wear, we also would like to share with you some of the health products. We promise you that all of the products are very good. Why are we say so? It is just because we ourselves use and eat the products and Alhamdulillah, with God willing, we become healthy. Moreover, we are very sure that you guys have heard that 'prevention is better than cure' right? So, it is worth it to spend a bit for your healthy life. We here wishing you 'Live your life happily and healthy with your lovely family' ;)

Hiraq Marketing & Trading
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Product list;
  • Hiraq Wildan Dates Herbal Essence + Goji for Kids
  • Susu Kambing Hiraq- sekotak 15 sachet
  • Qhawwi Kurma Herbal Essence (for man)
  • Hiraq Karmila Herbal Essence (for woman)
  • Hiraq Karmila T-3 Feminine wash
  • Hiraq Jeli Gamat
  • Hiraq Karmila Magical Cream
If you are interested, just send your message to Noraidah-0192669668-stockist

HR Marketing sdn. bhd.

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Permata Hijrah

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(Eye Toner) (Permata Terapi) (Sinus Medicine) (Nisleem) (Body Lotion) (Bilberry Fruit) (Set Perampina) (Health Supplement) (Pintari) (Hair Oil)
If you arae interested, kindly please send your message to Pn. Noraidah at 0192669668-stockist

Nona Roguy

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pelembap dan penyegar dalaman
pembersih dalaman
herbanika bersalin
penjagaan luaran

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